Live Music Matters

G.I.G. is a revolutionary live music non-profit by musicians for musicians.
Believe it or not…the average rate for live music at local establishments hasn’t changed since the early 1980’s. Still hovering at around $100 per show.
Our mission is to change this by partnering with small venues, bars & restaurants nationwide, creating a new touring network for qualified independent artists.
Venue partners pay an affordable annual fee to supplement their current monthly live music programs and our vetted, highly skilled, original artists get paid by tax free donations from corporations, sponsors and individuals like you.
Focused on the next generation of world class singer/songwriters, we’re forging a viable pathway from entry level to paid professional, redesigning artist development and essentially creating the minor leagues of live music. There are no shortcuts to 10,000 hours…we believe those live musicians that put in the time & dedication deserve to make a sustainable living.
Together we’re unifying artists, venues & communities!


Taylor Alexander is not your ordinary singer/songwriter. This multifaceted artist is a dynamic force, renowned for his soul-stirring melodies, thought-provoking point of view and unwavering commitment to making a difference through music. With a voice that instantly soothes and lyrics that touch the soul, Taylor’s music is a journey through the human experience. From heartfelt ballads to energizing anthems, the Cincinnati native named after folk artist, James Taylor…weaves stories of love, resilience, sorrow and self-discovery into his songs. Leaving listeners captivated and inspired.

Beyond his unique decade and a half long music career, beginning in 2009 as bandmate to sister Mia Carruthers, a reality show star of MTV’s Taking the Stage. In addition to touring the US, over 1500 performances, a six year stint in Los Angeles and currently working out of Austin, TX. Taylor is the visionary founder of this groundbreaking live music nonprofit organization. The idea became a reality in 2022 after meeting Prof. Alan Tratner, the co-founder of Earth Day and green2gold, a nonprofit incubator with 53 years of making the world a better place. Thanks to Justin Haley, a fellow musician and friend of Taylor’s and a generous donation from now Treasurer/Board Member, Morgan Barnhart. G.I.G. was born.

Taylor Alexander’s music is not just about entertainment; it’s a catalyst for change.